Technical diving Phuket, Thailand

Twinset Fundamentals Intro to tec diving

This course introduces students to diving on twin cylinders often referred to as twinsets or doubles and the knowledge and techniques required for the safe use of twinsets. The course includes knowledge development, equipment configuration workshop and dives.

Many divers reach a point in their diving careers when they realise that a single-cylinder scuba unit just doesn't cut it for the sort of diving they'd like to do. Whether it’s concerns about equipment redundancy and safety or simply wanting to carry more gas so they can stay in the water longer, most adventurous divers are eventually drawn to multiple cylinders.


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PADI Distinctive speciality

The PADI distinctive speciality course Twinset Fundamentals was written by Kiwidivers Tec Instructor Trainer Kevin Black originally as a bridging gap between recreational and technical diving for divers that were looking to pursue technical diving but wanting to get used to some of the additional equipment prior to taking a technical diving course.

However it has become a popular course for other reasons too. Many people have been drawn to double cylinders as a way to increase safety trough redundancy while through the use of nitrox extending their dive times.