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PADI Master Instructor Vincent, on the Poseidon MKVI and Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Kevin on the APD Inspiration.



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Kiwidiver has set the benchmark for rebreather training in the Asia Pacific with Try Dive Events held througout the region introducing hundreds of people to their first breath underwater on a rebreather and providing training solutions to rebreather divers, rebreather instructors and rebreather dive centers.


Poseidon Se7en Rebreather course


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Recreational Rebreathers

PADI 5 Star IDC centreLast year PADI launched a new range of recreational rebreather courses and technical rebreather courses

The Poseidon Mk6 was the first rebreather to meet PADI's recreational rebreather Type-R requirements and Kiwidiver was the first PADI Dive Centre to purchase the Poseidon Mk6 Discovery Recreational Rebreather in Thailand.

Since then several other recreational rebreathers  have been added to the  PADI Type-R Unit Register where manufactures register their units after they have met third party test as suitable for PADI courses. The units added include the APD Inspiration which has been around in the technical rebreather arena for many years and the new Hollis Explorer. Kiwidiver was also the first dive center in Thailand to have both the APD Inspiration rebreather in in Type-R recreational configuration and the Hollis Explorer.

Poseidon has launched a new version of the MK6 aptly named the Se7en which has upgraded electronics, Bluetooth for software uploads and downloads and a stylish case to protect the main drum of the unit. Since essentially the user interfaces and operation is the same as the Mk6 it also has been added to the PADI Type-R Unit Register and same certification issued for both Mk6 & Se7en.

Technical Rebreathers

PADI have also launched a range of Technical rebreather courses suitable for rebreathers that have been registered on the PADI Type-T (technical) Unit Register. Included on the register at this time is the APD Inspiration, Poseidon Mk6 T, Poseidon Se7en, Hollis Prism 2, Dive Rite O2ptima and VR’s Sentinel. More about PADI Technical Rebreather courses here.   

Instructor Training AvailablePADI Rebreather courses and Rebreather Instructor courses are being conducted in Phuket with Kiwidiver's Course Director and Rebreather Instructor Trainer Kevin Black.

If you are looking for rebreather training for yourself, your staff or your dive center then Kiwidiver have the experience to provide the best solution for you.


Phuket CCR Training

The Kiwidiver CCR Training center has the bigest selection of Recreational Rebreathers on the PADI Unit Register in Phuket.

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Why Dive with a Rebreather

Just imagine you are on your last dive on vacation and all of a sudden you see a huge school of Horse-Eyed-Jacks. You try and get closer but every time you approach them, they just swim away each time you exhale.

Well, with a rebreather, there are no bubbles, allowing you to swim face to face and even become part of the school. Plus, the air you are breathing is warm and moist so it is super comfortable and with 3 times the no decompression time of open circuit , you can swim with those fish all day long!

With PADI's new range of Recreational Rebreather Courses the world of diving has changed forever. Now every diver can dive a rebreather!!!

Recreational Rebreather courses available from Kiwidiver include:

Diver level | Advanced level | Instructor level | Refresher level | Qualifier level

Hollis Explorer rebreather

How does a Rebreather Work

With Open Circuit diving you breathe in and the gas comes out of a cylinder and into your lungs and the (PPO2)Partial Pressure of Oxygen in the gas is dependent on the depth you are at at the time. You then metabolize some of the O2 and breathe the rest out with any CO2 (Carbon dioxide) in bubbles from your regulator. The PPO2 changes as you change depth.

Think of a rebreather as a nitrox blender on your back. It is recycling the air, cleaning it then adding O2 to create the best PPO2 for the depth you are at.

With a closed circuit rebreather CCR  when you breath in the gas is at the perfect preselected PPO2 for the depth you are at. You metabolize some of the O2 breath out the rest with the CO2 your body has made into the counter lungs which catch any moisture in the water. The gas then passes through a chemical scrubber that absorbs all the CO2 and O2 sensors then analyze the mix and add O2 as needed to return the gas to the preselected PPO2.

Using recycled gas means no bubbles!! The fish are usually disturbed by bubbles so now you can sit in a shoal of fish and they just swim right next to you, which for any diver is an awe-inspiring experience. It is also a fantastic tool for underwater photographers to get closer to their subject.

Rebreathers & Travel

You don’t have to buy one.....

Owning your own would be nice, but this is where some of the recreational rebreathers really begin to make sense. With the backing of PADI worldwide, recreational rebreathers and courses will soon become common right across the PADI network. This means more and more dive centers will have rebreathers available for hire.

Add to this the simplicity of the new portable lightweight rebreathers currently becoming available like the Poseidon Se7en and the Hollis Explorer and if you do buy one traveling with it becomes easy. The basic unit only weighs 8kg, so if you are fortunate enough to own one, travelling with a rebreather will no longer be a deterrent.

Dive centres like Kiwidiver in Phuket, Thailand are preparing for what is going to be a revolution in the diving industry, particularly at major resort locations where the availability of units is seen as the first major advance in recreational diving in over 70 years.

Poseidon MK6 rebreather course in Thailand


Rebreathers are available for hire through Kiwidiver in Phuket, Thailand to qualified Rebreather Divers.


Cylinders, scrubber, spare parts, O2 fills available

PADI Rebreather Courses

PADI 5 Star IDC centre PhuketPADI Recreation Rebreather Diver courses are an entry-level closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) and semiclosed-circuit rebreather (SCR) course for diving within the accepted recreational envelope (no stop diving, and no overhead envi¬ronments) using rebreathers that meet the specifications appropriate for recreational divers Type-R rebreathers that meet requirements for PADI courses.

Type-R rebreathers like the Hollis Explorer and the Poseidon Se7en are electronically controlled and provide a back up for all the major systems and simplify training and use.

The new range of PADI recreational rebreather courses are now being conducted in Phuket Thailand on the Poseidon Mk6, The Poseidon Se7en, the Hollis Explorer and soon the AP Inspiration.

Recreational Rebreather courses available from Kiwidiver include:

Rebreather Diver | Advanced Rebreather Diver | Rebreather Instructor

PADI Recreational Rebreather course in Thailand on the Poseidon Discovery MK6


Kevin Black

Kiwidiver Rebreather Instructor Trainer

Try rebreather diving with the Discover Rebreather experience

PADI Rebreather Diver on the Poseidon

This beginner rebreather diver course allows divers, already certified as PADI Open Water, to train on a fully closed circuit rebreather. The course consists of 2 "confined water" sessions followed by 4 "open water" dives to a maximum depth of 18m / 60ft. Our instructors will show you how to run through the appropriate pre-dive tests that ensure your equipment is fully functional prior to diving.

"Confined water" sessions allow you to become orientated with the unit, practice basic skills and emergency procedures that you would have learned during your recreational diver training - but this time using the rebreather! During the "open water" sessions emphasis is placed on skills that will enable the diver to be fully independent from their instructor. The beginner course runs through emergency procedures and buoyancy control developing different techniques than you would have learned for an open circuit system.

PADI Rebreather Diver course runs over 3 days and includes all equipment rental, course materials and certification card. Continue Reading »

Rebreather Dive Center

The team from Ombak Divers trained by Kiwidiver Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Kevin Black

PADI Advanced Rebreather dIVER

The PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver course will look at the extra precautions needed for deeper diving and can increase your diver rating down to a maximum of 40 metres. This can take you to the limits of recreational diving and explore the remarkable capabilities of the recreational rebreather.

PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver on Poseidon Discovery MKVI
The advanced course allows divers, upon course completion, to dive to 30m /100ft or you may combine with the PADI Deep Diver Speciality and increase your max depth to 40m/130ft. The course consists of 1 "confirned water" skills training session, followed by 4 "open water" dives and a final examination.

PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver course runs over 3 days, includes all equipment rental, course materials & certification Continue Reading »

Rebreathers for rent

The team from Scooba Tank trained by Kiwidiver Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Kevin Black

PADI Rebreather Qualifier

Divers wishing to cross-over to another Type-R rebreather will need to do the Rebreather Qualifier program which covers unit specific skills and knowledge.

Because each rebreather model is different, you will need to qualify on each rebreather model. However, once you are qualified you will not need to repeat the entire course to earn your certification with a different Type-R rebreather model. The exception to this is the Poseidon Mk6 and Poseidon Se7en (Mk7) due to the fact they essentially the are the same unit and the user interfaces and responses to alarms are the same on both units.

The PADI Rebreather Qualifier focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to use a different Type R rebreather model. Divers will be certified at their current level on the new unit.

PADI Rebreather Refresher

Just like open circut, if you havn't dived for a while it is highly recommended to refresh your skills under the watchful eye of a PADI Profesional.

PADI Rebreather Refresher courses are all about diving. Book a couple of dives and run through the skills while diving.

At Kiwidiver we do not charge any extra for refresher skills as our instructors are only too happy to ensure you get the most out of your diving by helping you keep refreshed in your dive skills.

At Kiwidiver we can do refresher courses on the Poseidon Mk6, Poseidon Se7en, Hollis Explorer and the AP Inspiration.


PADI Rebreather Refresher in Phuket, Thailand