Poseidon MKVI Rebreather

Poseidon Rebreather CentreThe Poseidon Discovery was the world’s first rebreather for recreational divers and the first to be approved by PADI as a Type-R recreational rebreather for PADI Rebreather courses. It’s a fully­closed, fully ­automated unit that will make you see diving in a different light.

The Poseidon Discover MKVI is so simple and safe to operate that it can be used for entry level rebreather diver training, right out of the box. Because the unit has an open circuit (traditional scuba) alternate air system, PADI have set the minimum prerequisite of a qualified entry level diver with some open circuit diving experience. Poseidon MK6 User Manual.

When you are ready to further your rebreather diving the Poseidon MK6 is fully upgradeable to a 60m technical rebreather and is on the PADI Type-T register for Tec 40 CCR and Tec 60 CCR


  • Size
  • Auto Calibrating
  • Battery
  • CO2 Cartridges
  • Switchable Mouthpiece
  • Computer
  • Maintanance
  • Rental
  • PADI Courses
  • Upgradeable

Poseidon MK6 Size

Poseidon Discovery MK6 Recreational Rebreather's Extreme compactness at only 15 kg / 33 lbs ”ready to dive” and 8 kg / 17,5 lbs “travel weight” the MkVI Discovery is one of the world’s smallest rebreathers. Take it as carry-on baggage when flying. Enjoy the freedom.

Yet it is not "lightweight” in terms of performance – you get three depth-independent hours of near-silent diving.



Diving the Poseidon MK6 in Phuket Thailand

Auto Calibrating

Poseidon Discovery MK6 Recreational Rebreather had the first truly auto-calibrating and autovalidating rebreather. The MkVI Discovery
uses a patent-pending automated method to verify that the oxygen sensors are working properly at all times – both before and during a dive.

On your Poseidon Discovery MK6 PADI Recreational Rebreather Course in Phuket, Thailand you will see just how much time this saves you and how safe and convenient the Poseidon rebreather is.

Poseidon Discovery MK6 Recreational Rebreather Course

Poseidon Discovery Intelligent Battery

The Poseidon Discovery has an intelligent battery – it’s your personal power and data storage system. Plug it in and the system knows it’s you, as well as your dive history, including repetitive dive information.

Remove the modular battery, put it in your shirt pocket, and take it home to recharge it. When you are ready to dive, take the battery from the charger and plug it into the MK6 rebreather.

Technical diving – All you need is a new battery
Upgrading the Poseidon MKVI is easy. It is only a battery change away. The 40M Yellow Battery allows dives to 40 metres with decompression. The 48M Blue Battery allows dives to 48 metres with decompression and also allows the use of trimix.

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Poseidon Discovery MK6 Recreational Rebreather Thailand

PADI Recreational Rebreather Poseidon MKVI

Poseidon Discovery MKIV Recreational Rebreather uses true plug-and-play carbon dioxide absorbent cartridges. Simple and fast to use. Pre-packed axial
cartridges of SofnoDive® 797 absorbent give you 3 hours minimum diving range and can be changed-out and replaced in seconds.

These are readily available from Kiwidiver.com in Phuket Thailand.


 PADI Recreational Rebreather Poseidon MKVI

PADI Recreational Rebreather pool training

Poseidon Discovery MK6 Switchable mouthpiece – in a significant new patent-pending design, the MkVI Discovery gives you the ability to switch from closed-circuit to open-circuit operation in one easy motion, without the need to search for a spare mouthpiece in an emergency.

The ultra-compact switchable mouthpiece is lightweight and easy to breathe, giving you high performance in both open-circuit and closed-circuit modes.

The MkVI Discovery mouthpiece also combines in the same housing a pressure balanced“ Automatic Diluent Addition Valve” (ADV) that compensates for breathing volume in closed-circuit mode, so that you will never run short of a full breath during a dive.

 PADI Recreational Rebreather

First PADI Recreational Rebreather

The Poseidon Discovery MK6 PADI Recreational Rebreather has the world’s most advanced rebreather interface – The MkVI Discovery contains five separate
warning and advisory systems so that you get the information you need to manage your dive without the task-loading normally associated with rebreathers. The main MkVI Discovery data interface is a large format flat screen panel that displays all you need to know about consumables management – cylinder pressures, dive time, depth, oxygen level, and it incorporates a sophisticated resource algorithm that monitors all systems for you and tells you when its time to head up.

If things are not going correctly for whatever reason, the MkVI Discovery has audible, tactile, and visual warning systems to get your attention, and to advise your diving partner of your status.

 PADI Recreational Rebreather

PADI Rebreather courses - Maintainance

Easy maintenance of Poseidon MK6 allows the entire rebreather to break down rapidly for washing, drying, and storage. No tools needed.

New software releases can be downloaded and installed over the internet

The PADI Recreational Rebreather course teaches you how to break down and maintain the Poseidon Mk6. It teaches you what components are user serviceable and which need to be returned to the shop for miantanance.

As a part of Poseidon’s technical upgrade path for the Poseidon MKVI rebreather the firmware version 48 is now released to the general Poseidon rebreather community.

The firmware upgrades are free, equipped with the latest sensor calibration and validation algorithms and makes the MKVI more stable in varying tempratures in different environments in all kind of waters. No other rebreather on the market has as sophisticated systems as the Poseidon MKVI to determine whether a sensor is reliable or not. This is achieved through the patented O2 sensor calibration and validation routines.

PADI Rebreather

Recreational Rebreather Diving in Phuket

The future is here and now with the Poseidon Discovery MK6 PADI Recreational Rebreather... It’s taken over 70 years for a major breakthrough in recreational scuba diving, but it has now happened and is set to change the face of recreational scuba diving for ever.

Units are still expensive to purchase but rental and hire units are readily available from leading PADI dive centres like Kiwidiver.com.

The PADI Rebreather Diver Certification will qualify you to rent, hire or maybe dive your own recreational rebreather as a fully qualified diver which will be recognised worldwide.

Recreational Rebreather Phuket

PADI Recreational Rebreather Courses Available

PADI 5 star IDC centreThe Poseidon Discovery MK6 was the first rebtrather to meet the specifications outlined by PADI for their recreational rebreather courses.

PADI released the following courses that can de taught on the Poseidon MKIV

PADI Discover Rebreather course

PADI Rebreather Diver Course

PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver Course

Instructor Training AvailablePADI Advanced Rebreather Diver course on Poseidon Discovery MKVI allows divers, upon course completion, to dive to 30m /100ft or you may combine with the PADI Deep Diver Speciality and increase your max depth to 40m/130ft. The course consists of 1 "confirned water" skills training session, followed by 4 "open water" dives and a final examination.

Poseidon Rebreather course

Poseidon Upgrades

The Poseidon Mk6 was originally sold as a fully upgradeable unit that was going to allow Mk6 owners to upgrade to a 100m rebreather called the Poseidon Tec. Unfortunately the Poseidon Tec program was discontinued and Poseidon launched a 100m rebreather called the Se7en instead. While this created a lot of confusion James Roberton the President of Poseidon Diving Systems explained their reasoning on the Poseidon blog

The Poseidon Mk6 still remains a popular recreational rebreather and as the user interface and way off handling alarms is the same as the Se7en the training covers both units.


Poseidon Recreational Rebreather training