PADI Rebreather Diver Course in Thailand


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Combined PADI Advanced Rebreather and Rebreather Diver course in Phuket, Thailand with Kiwidiver

From only 25,900 Thai Baht


Rebreather Instructor course from just 15,900 Thai Baht

PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver Course

Instructor Training AvailableThe PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver Course expands on the basic knowledge you have already acquired from your Rebreather Instructor and provides training to a maximum of 30 metres/98 feet (40 metres/130 feet if you have a PADI Deep Diver certification), including carrying a bailout cylinder.


•PADI Open Water Diver and PADI Rebreather Diver certifications (or qualifying certification from a recognized organization) on the Type R rebreather used in the course,
•30 logged dives
•18 years old
•PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification

PADI Rebreather Diver + Advanced Rebreather Diver course Combined

At Kiwidiver our Rebreather Instructors can combine both the PADI Diver level and Advanced diver level Rebreather course into just 4 days.

Kiwidiver is the only PADI Dive Center in Thailand to own and have the experience to teach with all three rebreather brands that meet PADI's Type-R clasification. Poseidon Mk6/Seven | Hollis Explorer | APD Inspiration


PADI Rebreather Course Pricing

Course Pricing:
PADI Rebreather Diver course
1 Day Classroom / 3 Days diving | 21,900 Thai Baht

PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver Course
1 Day Classroom / 3 Days diving | 19800 Thai Baht

PADI Rebreather & Advanced Rebreather combined course
1 Day Classroom / 3 Days diving | 25,900 Thai Baht

Courses include PADI Materials and certification fees but as the units are very different and have different opperating costs you will need to either supply your own unit or hire one of ours.

Unit Hire
Poseidon MK6: 2000 Baht per diving day
Poseidon Scrubber: 3,000 Baht per diving day

Hollis Explorer: 1,200 Baht per diving day
Hollis Scrubber: 1,800 Baht per diving day

Inspiration: (not for hire at this time)booking
Inspiration Scrubber: 2000 baht per diving Day.