PADI Recreational Rebreather Training in Phuket, Thailand


PADI Recreational Rebreather Try Dives in Phuket Training by Kiwidiver & Dive Supply

PADI Recreational Rebreather Try Dives in Phuket

PADI 5 Star IDC CentreIn October 2012 Dive Supply ran a series of Try Dive Events to give instructors and dive centre owners in Phuket the opportunity to try the new Poseidon Dicscovery MKVI recreational rebreather.

Kiwidiver as the only PADI 5 Star Dive centre in Thailand with both Instructors and Poseidon MKVI rebreathers came along to support the event and conduct introductory dives.

Poseidon Rebreather CentreAt this time Kiwidiver is the only Poseidon Rebreather Centre in Phuket providing Poseidon rebreather training, rebreather rental, spare parts and consumables.

The Poseidon MK6 rebreather is lighter than any other rebreather and ideal for traveling with, although with the smart battery technology it is just as easy to travel with just the battery and rent a unit at your dive destination.

Here are just some of the photos from the 2012 event.

Photos: Album One | Album Two | Album Three | more on facebook

More info in the Poseidon MK6 recreational Rebreatherbooking

More info on rebreather training with Kiwidiver

  • Pre Breathing the Rebreather at the start of the day

    Pre Breathing the Poseidon Rebreather at the start of the day

  • rebreather training in Thailand

    Briefing the try dive in the water on the MK6 recreational rebreather

  • Try diving a rebreather in Phuket

    Try diving a rebreather in Phuket with a Poseidon rebreather

  • Rebreather try dive phuket

    Recreational Rebreather diving is fun with Kiwidiver in Phuket

  • PADI Rebreather trydive in Phuket

    PADI Rebreather Trydive - Now anybody can dive a rebreather

  • PADI rebreather course Thailand

    PADI Rebreather courses from Rebreather Diver to Instructor

  • Mermaid Kat Phuket Thailand

    Mermaid Kat and Spencer looking forward to the rebreather Dive

  • Mermaid Kat diving the rebreather

    Mermaid Kat from Phuket on the rebreather Try Dive

  • Rebreather Friendly Dive Buddies

    PADI Recreational Rebreather Friendly Dive Buddies

  • Phuket Rebreather Courses with Kiwidiver

    Phuket Rebreather courses with Kiwidiver in Thailand

  • Poseidon Rebreather Course in Thailand

    Poseidon rebreather courses in Thailand

  • Poseidon Rebreather training in Phuket

    Phuket Rebreather Courses with The Poseidon MKVI Discovery

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