Poseidon Rebreather Training in Krabi, Thailand


Poseidon Rebreather Event in Krabi, Thailand. Hosted by Aquavision - Conducted by Kiwidiver Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Kevin Black

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Poseidon Rebreather trydive day in Krabi, Thailand

Dive Supply the Poseidon Distributor for Poseidon in Thailand sponsored a discover Rebreathers try dive day in Krabi. The event was hosted by local retailer and dive company Aquavission. The Poseidon MK6 Discovery Recreational Rebreather was introduced and a underwater introductory try dive on the unit was conducted by PADI Course Director and MK6 Instructor Trainer Kevin Black of Kiwidiver.com

For most of those attending it was their first experience breathing underwater with no bubbles. All of those attending the event where either instructors or instructor candidates (the future of the diving industry)

Below are a few photos from the event.


If your company would like to host a rebreather event please contact Kiwidiver and we will co-ordinate with the local distributor.

  • Poseidon Rebreather Course Krabi, Thailand

    Poseidon Rebreather Course in Krabi

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    PADI Rebreather Try Dive Event

  • Rebreather training Krabi, Thailand

    Krabi Rebreather Course

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    PADI Rebreather Diver

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    First time underwater bubble free

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    Poseidon Mk6 Discovery

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    Poseidon Recreational rebreather

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    PADI Rebreather Course

  • PADI recreational rebreather course Krabi Thailand

    PADI Recreational Rebreather

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    Poseidon MKVI

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  • Krabi Rebreather event

    Krabi Rebreather Event

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