Mantanani Besar Island rebreather friendly dive center in Malaysia


Mantanani Besar Island's first Rebreather Friendly Dive Center, Scooba Tank Divers based at the Bembaran Beach Resort

Scooba Tank Dive Centre in Mantanani Island, Sabah, Malaysia.

Scooba Tank Dive Centre has become the first Rebreather Friendly Dive Center on Mantanani Island, Sabah, Malaysia. They have a full range of supplies for the Poseidon MKVI recreational Rebreather and have Units and cylinders for rent. Scooba Tank are located at the Bembaran Beach Resort.

Scooba Tank Rebreather Center in Mantatani Besar Island, MalaysiaRebreather Instructor Trainer Kevin Black of Kiwidiver worked with the Malaysian Distributor of Poseidon rebreathers (Planet Scuba) to train the staff as PADI Rebreather Divers.

Kiwidiver offers full turn-key training solutions for dive centers wanting to invest in the rebreather market.

We work closely with both PADI and Poseidon's distributors in the Asia Pacific region to help develop Poseidon Rebreather Centers providing PADI recreational rebreather training. PADI Rebreather Diver course, Advanced Rebreather diver and Rebreather Instructor courses are available from PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainer Kevin Black

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