PADI Tec Event in Phuket, Thailand


Kiwidiver stand at the PADI Tec Explor day in Phuket, Thailand

CCR Rebreather Try Dives at the PADI Tec Explor day in Phuket

Kiwidiver conducted Try Dives on the Hollis Explorer SCR and Poseidon Mk6 CCR as part of PADI Tec Explore event in Phuket. The event was to introduce local divers to some of the new equipment now available to them and let them try rebreather diving. PADI had a selection of information available for all who attended.

26 people experienced bubble free diving on the Poseidon Mk6 Rebreather and 29 people tried the Hollis Explorer Rebreather all under the watchful eye of two of Kiwidiver’s Rebreather Instructors.

There was also a display booth by Aquamaster promoting the new range of technical equipment from Apeks and Blue Label with the help of First Buddy and freelance instructors conducted Sidemount try dives for 15 people.

Kiwidiver would like to thank Oceanic Thailand for their assistance at the show and for lending Kiwidiver one of the six Rebreathers that were used at the show. is conducting CCR & SCR Rebreather courses, Sidemount and Technical courses from beginner levels through to Instructor levels. is the only PADI Dive Center in Thailand to have all three brands of rebreather that are on the PADI Recreational Rebreather Register.

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