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Hollis Explorer Rebreather Courses available in Thailand.


Photos from the Bangkok launch of the Hollis Explorer at the Thailand Dive Expo (TDEX)

Hollis Explorer

Kiwidiver is the first PADI Rebreather Center in Thailand to get the Hollis Explorer recreational rebreather. The Hollis Explorer is a compact, lightweight and easy to use single gas Rebreather. The Explorer is registered on the PADI Unit Register as a Type-R Recreational Rebreather.

The Explorer is the first single gas rebreather to electronically control the PPO2 with only a single supply gas of Nitrox 32-40% giving you an extended bubble free dive time while eliminating the logistics of obtaining oxygen fills.

The Explorer is also the first Type-R recreational rebreather registered on the PADI Unit Register to have the option of either pre-packed absorbent cartridges or a re-packable cartridge. The Hollis Explorer was the first Type-R rebreather to introduce an optional CO2 sensor.

Hollis have obviously thought about making this rebreather suitable for travelers or liveaboard operators who want the benefit of rebreather diving without all the logistics of O2 filling and scrubber packing.

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PADI courses available on the Hollis Explorer:

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Phuket based Kiwidiver is the first dive center to get the Hollis Explorer


Hollis Explorer available in Phuket, Thailand from Kiwidiver.

Features of the Hollis Explorer

• Nitrox Electronically Controlled Hybrid - uses readily available Nitrox in 32-40%
• The simple user interface is easy to learn and easy to dive
• Automated Pre-dive Setup
• Automated Breathing Loop control gives minimal bubbling
• Bail-out mouthpiece with one handed operation from CC to OC
• Simple Green or Red primary display
• Scrubber thermal monitoring and optional CO2 sensing
• PPO2 intelligently controlled for a proper balance of PP02 and bottom time
• Automated dive data logging
• Back mounted counterlungs with streamlined cover to offer good protection
• Modular component design makes it easy to setup and clean
• Choice of BC: either traditional Jacket or Back inflate style