PADI National Geographic Course


Divers who are 15 years old and older will earn the PADI National Geographic Diver certification.


Divers who are between 10 and 14 years old will earn the Junior National Geographic Diver certification, which carries the same restrictions as the PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification based on the diver’s age.

National Geographic Diver (Nat Geo)

The Kiwidiver National Geographic Diver program is for adventurers, explorers, and conservationists.National Geographic Divers have an interest in scuba diving and underwater science that goes beyond that of the average diver. These divers have a historical perspective of humankind’s relationship with the underwater world based on their interaction with PADI and National Geographic resources.

Their study of National Geographic’s and PADI’s mission and values have provided them with an understanding of the importance of the aquatic realm and their role in preserving the resource for current and future generations.

In addition to their knowledge,National Geographic Divers have demonstrated skills and completed underwater tasks that broaden their awareness while scuba diving. Higher buoyancy skill mastery than required of a PADI Open Water Diver fine-tunes their ability to interact appropriately with aquatic creatures and underwater structures. Excellent buoyancy control is also a foundational skill for specialty diving activities such as underwater photography and videography.

Practicing information gathering techniques and heightening navigation skills further increases their ability to explore and take critical note of each dive site they choose to visit. Their enhanced knowledge and skill level makes National Geographic Divers true stewards and ambassadors for the underwater world.

Nat Geo with Kiwidiver

PADI National Geographic Diver CourseThere are two ways that individuals can become National Geographic Divers. At PADI National Geographic Dive Centers, people who do not already have a diver certification may enroll in the National Geographic Diver program. This program covers all the knowledge and skills from the PADI Open Water Diver course to the additional information and requirements for National Geographic Diver Certification

Individuals who already hold a qualifying entry-level scuba certification (or higher level certification) may enroll in the National Geographic Diver Specialty course conducted at PADI National Geographic Dive Centers. During this program, divers gain additional knowledge by studying with PADI National Geographic materials and also complete the skill performance requirements under the guidance of a PADI Instructor.

At this time Kiwidiver is not running National Geograpic courses.