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Start learning today with PADI e-Learning

learn to dive today with PADI eLearning


SPECIAL OFFER - Take the PADI Open Water course and PADI Advanced Open Water course combined.
4 Day course with 9 dives at all the best dive sites in Phuket
Day 1 - Class & Pool
Day 2 - 3 training dives
Day 3 - 3 training dives
Day 4 - 3 training dives
Only 29,500


PADI Open Water Diver!

PADI 5 Star IDC centreStart the adventure with the most widely recognized diver certification in the world. With over 18 million certifications issued PADI is the largest, most experienced training agency with some of the best training methodology in the world. Learn to dive in Phuket, Thailand with Kiwidiver PADI 5 Star Dive Centre.

There are three parts to learning to dive:

- Knowledge development (Online wirth PADI e-Learning, Home Study where we send you the manual ahead of time or in our classroom based sitting in our airconditioned classroom) to understand the basic principles of diving.

- Confined Water dives (done at the pool or beach) to learn basic scuba skills

- Open Water Dives to review your skills and gain experience while diving in a real tropical dive site.

As a PADI 5 Star dive centre Kiwidiver provides the highest standard of scuba training and the most professional instructors. We guarantee more flexible training options. We have the following selection of courses available:

Boat Diving
3 Day - Boat diving 16,900 (Discount for two people)
4 Day - Boat diving (Private Course) 19,900

Beach Diving (seasonal)
3 Day - Beach diving (when available) 13,600
3 Day - Beach & Boat diving (when available) 14,900

  • Referral Course
  • Beach Option
  • Boat Option
  • 4 Day Open Water
  • Private Course

PADI Open Water Referral Course

If you have already taken the first steps in your PADI education and completed the knowledge development, theory and water skills at home then come and finish the fun part in Thailand.

Start your holiday with 4 Open Water dives and spend the rest of your break diving for pleasure or even take the extra time to extend your knowledge with our continuing education programs.

Upon verification of your progress from your previous instructor you will complete your open water dives, either on the local beach reef or out on one of our fully equipped dive boats.

Referal Course - on the boat 12,800 Baht

Referal Course - at the beach 8,900 Bahtbooking

PADI Open Water Course at the Beach

At Kiwidiver we can still make learning fun and easy on a budget. We can use the beach as our classroom, pool and open water teaching.

You will recieve the same high quality 5 Star training as the other courses, the same high quality equipment and the same high quality instructors.

You self study the knowledge development in your own time before spending 3 days at the beach with one of our instructors.

You will learn the skills in the shallow water and complete your 4 PADI Open Water qualifying dives on the beach reef.

WEATHER DEPENDANT - Only available when the weather allows and when the beach is open for diving (October-May is normaly ok outside this time is subject to daily changes)


PADI Open Water Course at the beach
3 Day - Beach (4 dives) (when available) 13,600
3 Day - Beach & Boat (4 dives) (when available) 14,900

Three Day PADI Open Water Course

Save yourself a day in the classroom on the 3 day PADI Open Water Course by self studying the knowledge development at home or in your own time.

This is followed by one day in the pool with one of our scuba instructors learning the skills and preparing you for your underwater adventures.

The following two days will be spent on one of our local dive boats reviewing your skills at one of the local island dive sites while enjoying some of the best diving Phuket has to offer.

Learning to dive in Phuket, Thailand has never been easier than with PADI 5 Star Dive Centre

3 Day open water 16,900 Bahtbooking

4 Open Water Day course

The 4 day PADI Open Water course starts with a day in the classroom completing the knowledge development.

Day two is spent at the pool getting to know the equipment and mastering the underwater skills we use.

Day three and four are spent on one of our day boats reviewing your skills at some of the best dive sites Phuket has to offer.

Once you qualify as a PADI Open Water diver, you have an internationally recognized dive certification which allows you to scuba dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters, in conditions similar to those in which you were trained.

Learn to dive in Phuket, Thailand with PADI 5 Star Dive Centre

4 Day open water course 19,900 Baht

Private PADI Open Water Scuba Course

A surprisingly affordable and increasingly popular option is to have your own Personal Scuba Trainer allocated to you for your training. Your Private Instructor stays with you throughout your training customizing the training to suit your individual needs.

From just having your own private instructor to reserving a boat just for yourself or your family, Kiwidiver can accommodate all your requirements.

We also can provide a Private Dive Guide or Personal Scuba Trainer to accompany you on your own, or one of our chartered boats as required.


(Depending on additional options)