Private Scuba Training in Phuket Thailand


Get the best of the best with Private Scuba Training in Thailand with Kiwidiver Private Dive Guides and Personal Scuba Trainers


3 Day Private Open Water Course from 16,900 Baht


Private Dive Guides and Personal Scuba Trainers

One on one training or special groups are well catered for by Kiwidiver. We are not just an another dive centre offering private instructors as an add on service.

Personal Scuba Training for private customers is how our business started. It was the demand for our service that forced the growth of our dive centre and the need to expand our business to the general public.

Most Kiwidiver customers become friends for life with many returning year after year to further their training through additional scuba training. Kiwidiver has one of the highest return rates of PADI customers in Thailand.

Kiwidiver knows that it is you the customer that is putting food on our table and providing us the opportunity to live and teach in paradise so we seriously look after you and appreciate your business. We are not a production line business with hundreds of new customers every month. We are a small personalised company with a handfull of customers that keep coming back for more.

You too can experience the Kiwidiver difference with personalised professional training from one of our Personal Scuba Trainers and Private Dive Guides

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PADI Private Open Water Course


Enjoy the privacy of a PADI Private Open Water Course with a Kiwidiver Personal Trainer

Exclusive Diving Services

Kiwidiver is all about quality and personal service.

We can arrange anything from one on one personal tuition to private lessons in private pools or come to your own private villa.

We can arrange one on one personal service on a 5 star dive boat here in phuket or arrange a private charter boat for you or your group. We can also arrange private liveaboards or even conduct training on your own private yacht or charter vessel anywhere in the Andaman Ocean

We can provide additional security to ensure privacy if required.



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