Padi 4 day Open Water Course


PADI Open Water Course in 4 days

PADI 4 Day Open Water Course

If you want to take a little bit longer having a more relaxed pace Open Water Course then this is the option for you.

Spend more time in the classroom and more time in the pool mastering the art of scuba diving with our professional instructors.

Ideal for:

People who want to take it slow

Chilldren or younger people

Those with learning difficulties or language difficulties

The handycaped

Anyone who wants more personal

Open Water Course


PADI Open Water Course in Phuket, THailand

Maxamim of 2 Students per Instructor on 4 day course

With a maximum of two students to each of our instructors on 4 day courses and one on one indirvidual training available, you will gain confidence and experience unmatched by any other scuba diving classes.

With this approach, your instructor can more easily target specific areas that you need to pay attention to, rather than wasting your time while they concentrate on other students.

As a result you will get more time having fun scuba diving, finishing the course a much better diver.


4 Day 6 dives PADI open water course 19,900 Baht


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