PADI Specialty Instructor in Phuket Thailand


Become a PADI Specialty Instructor in Phuket Thailand with one of the most active speciality training centers in Thailand. While 70% of recreationa courses taught by most dive centers in Phuket are open water and DSD 70% of Kiwidiver's recreational certifications come from Continued Education and Specialty Courses


Kiwidiver teaches more than 30 different specialty courses and most are available at Instructor Level.

Specialty Instructor

When you become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor you will very quickly realize there is so much more to teaching diving than just Open Water courses and DSD’s. The real fun starts when you can teach some of the many different specialty courses offered by PADI.

Spice up your life by teaching the subjects that most interest you and increase your employability by adding specialties that dive centers need to your list of skills. The first two things dive centers will ask you when you enquire about working for them will be what languages can you teach in and what specialties can you teach? While we can’t help you with languages we can help you with PADI specialties.

At we never get bored with teaching the same old thing as 70% of our recreational certifications are for Specialty Courses and Continued Education. Sometimes our instructors will go for a month without teaching the same course twice or teach five different courses in five days with our MSD Challenge.

Kiwidiver has one of the best selection of specialty courses in Thailand. If you cant find somthing on our list that you want to do let us know and we will see if we can help (except Ice Diving - unless you can supply the ice)

PADI MSDT Master Scuba Diver Trainer course


PADI MSDT Master Scuba Diver Trainer teaching the PADI Deep Diver specialty course


MASTEr Scuba Diver Trainer

Kiwidiver have created a special MSDT package: Choose five specialty Instructor courses and only pay for four courses with the Kiwidiver MSDT program. PADI have matched that by announcing they will only charge you for four Specialty Instructor applications when submitting five at the same time.

And as a even better offer PADI will not charge for the Master Scuba Diver Trainer upgrade (for a limited time)

There has never been a better time to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer than right now with

With the Kiwidiver Master Scuba Diver Instructor Internship you can fast track to your MSDT while getting real hands on training and experience working in an active dive center.