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PRE IDC Preperation

The key to a fun, relaxed and successful IDC is to make sure you are properly prepared and many dive centers will help you do this by conducting Pre-IDC training prior to the start of the IDC. Some dive centers charge extra for this and some included it but all agree it is a very valuable equalizer and allows you to meet the other candidates who may come from many different backgrounds and training experiences and bring you all to the same level before you start your IDC.

Many Dive Centers do not cover PADI Dive Theory as part of their Pre IDC and this is the leading area of difficulty and what more candidates fail IE's on worldwide than any other component of the IE. You can cover this online in PADI’s Dive Theory online e-Learning program and at Kiwidiver it is one of the first areas we will test you on. You should have mastered this at divemaster level but we are going to make sure you have it up to standard before your IDC.

The additional workshops included in the Pre-IDC will ensure you have a head start for your IDC and everyone is relaxed and prepared.

Kiwidiver Pre-IDC preparation includes a day of classroom training checking your dive theory is up to standard and covering any weak areas, a day in the pool refreshing your dive skills and rescue skills. Followed by a day of open water dives to acclimatize you to the local conditions. All of this is topped off by Kiwidiver's optional unique Tec Explorer day.

PADI Tec Explorer day in Thailand, discover rebreathers and sidemount


Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Tec Instructor Trainer and Course Director Kevin Black introduces IDC candidates to all aspects of diving during a tec explorer day. teaches the complete range of PADI courses from Recreational to Technical from beginner to Instructor.

Tec Explorer Day

When preparing for a future in the diving industry we believe it is important to have at least a basic understanding for all aspects of PADI training.

Therefore as Kiwidiver Course Director Kevin Black is also a PADI Technical Diving Instructor Trainer and PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainer we are able to offer you a seminar on PADI technical diving, sidemount diving and rebreather diving from someone who not only has years of diving in these areas but is also qualified to teach instructors how to conduct these PADI courses.

Following the seminar we spend the afternoon in the pool trying out all the equipment used in these courses like double cylinders (twin sets) sidemount equipment, tec sidemount, both recreational and technical rebreathers, full face masks and more. is the only PADI IDC Center to have all this equipment in house available for you to try in this free Tec Explorer day. If there is something that particularly interests you then on completion of your IDC Kiwidiver is able to train you in any of these areas from beginner to Instructor.