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Phuket Dive Sites - Shark Point

Shark Point is a fantastic dive site placed between Phuket and the Phi Phi islands. It consists of 3 main pinnacles, laid out approximately North-South, pinnacle #1 breaching the surface by a few meters, with pinnacle #2 and #3 reaching up approximately to 5m and 10m below the surface respectively.

Dive sites often get their name from the topography above water – Shark Point’s Thai name is ‘Hin Musang’ – ‘Hin’ means ‘Stone’ and a ‘Musang’ is an ‘Asian Civet’, perhaps this rocky outcrop is similar to the pointed face of the civet or indeed a shark’s fin.

All three pinnacles are covered in vibrant soft-corals, anemones and hard-corals and are a host to a great variety and abundance of marine life, such as seahorses, zebra and other morays, and yes sometimes zebra sharks (leopard sharks) as well as bamboo sharks on the outer-reefs.

Shark Point in Phuket is one of Thailands top dive sites


Shark Point is perfect for the following courses:

PADI Underwater Photographer | PADI Sidemount Diver |PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver | PADI Rebreather Diver


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Shark Point Marine Life

The sandy base around the pinnacles varies in depth from around just 10m at pinnacle #1 to 20m+ at pinnacle #3. This provides an alternative environment for marine life such as kuhl’s stingrays, snake-eels, mantis-shrimp and on the odd occasion both eagle rays and spotted shovelnose rays have been seen.

Whichever parts of this large dive site you visit, for sure the best way to end the dive is hanging out at a long safety stop enjoying the many schools of small fish, dancing over the crimson red and pink soft corals, with a backdrop of trevally, forster’s,  chevron and great barracuda. When the season is right, also take a good hard look amongst the corals for ornate ghost pipefish and even harder to find frogfish!

Although currents can vary from almost nothing to strong and turbulent Shark Point can be suitable and desirable for almost all levels of divers. If you are using Nitrox or Rebreathers to get off the reef, away from other divers and out to some of the more remote parts of the reef (very few ever visit pinnacle #3), you can then return to the hot-spots for seahorses and finish on the splendid shallows of the pinnacles for a totally awesome experience!

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