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Kata Beach Night Dives are some of the best diving in Thailand with a diverse range of nocturnal marine life

Kata Beach Night Dives

Kata Beach in Phuket is one of the best night diving locations in Thailand and Kiwidiver is one of the most active night diving centers. We love the diversity of marine life that can be found diving our local beach after dark.

Whether you just want to do a night dive for fun, The PADI Night Diver Specialty or talk to us about some custom dive training, Kiwidiver are the dive training specialists to experience this amazing dive site with.

We regularly find amazing marine life on this dive site including everything from the Mimic Octopus, seahorses, giant  barracuda, ornate ghost pipefish to bigger things like turtles.

Have a look at the photos posted here and on our Facebook page and the videos on our YouTube channel to see for yourself.

Night Dives at Kata Beach can only be booked during high season when the water is flat enough to night dive. During the wet season the wind blows the wrong way and the beach becomes a surf beach.

Free Nitrox is available on all Night Dives from the beach for those qualified and if booked in advance. If you are not Nitrox qualified you may want take advantageof our free nitrox course and complete the course while you are night diving.


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    Night diving at Kata Beach in Phuket

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  • Night Diver Phuket

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  • Phuket Night Dive

    Phuket Night Dive at Kata Beach

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  • Kata Beach Night Dive in Phuket

    Kata Beach Night Dive

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    Nightlife on Kata Beach, Thailand

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