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Kevin Black

(one of the most qualified Course Directors in Thailand)


PADI Course Director

Padi Rebreather Instructor Trainer

PADI Tecnical Diving Instructor Trainer

can teach over 20 Instructor Specialties

Experienced Dive Center owner and manager

Course Director Kevin Black

After years of teaching students in the northern hemisphere in The UK, Malta Italy and the Red Sea Corse Director Kevin Black has returned to his favourite southern hemisphere diving destination Thailand in 2009.

Originally from New Zealand Kevin Black has traveled the world logging 1000's of scuba dives in both warm and cold water, Inland fresh water sites and coastal seas with many dives in both good and bad visibility.

Some of the destinations Kevin has dived in include: New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Egypt, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and the Andaman Islands.

Kevin's passion for diving drives him to continue learning new areas of diving and how to best teach new courses. Kevin is the only PADI Course Director in Phuket who also teches both PADI Recreational Rebreather Instructors and PADI Tec Deep Technical Diving Instructors. He also teaches the new PADI Sidemount Instructor Course and Tec Sidemount Instructor Course and over 20 different Instructor Specialty Courses.


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PADI Open Water "core" Courses

Learning to dive is serious business. Sure it is fun, safe and easy but you want the best training you can get for your foundation skills.

PADI Course Director Kevin Black has years of experience teaching many students in many different envoronments.

If you are looking for the hughest quality personal service and professional training you nedent look any further.

Kevin Black Diving

Specialty courses conducted by Kevin

When choosing Specialty training you want to look for someone who has a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of areas. Kiwidiver Course Director Kevin Black can teach nearly all PADI Specialty Courses and has in-depth experience in everything he teaches.

PADI Specialty Courses taught by Kiwidiver Course Director Kevin Black include: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Enriched Air Diver, Wreck Diver, Boat Diver, Deep Diver, Dry Suit Diver, Underwater Photographer, Digital Underwater Photographer, Underwater Navigator, Multilevel Diver, Search & Recovery Drift Diver, Equipment Specialist, Underwater Videographer, Semi closed re-breather, Night Diver, DPV Diver. Many of these are available at diver level or Instructor Level

Kiwidiver Course Director Kevin Black has also written a number of PADI Distinctive Specialty courses.

PADI Rebreather Instructor Kevin Black


Kevin Black

Kiwidiver Owner

PADI Course Director

PADI Technical Instructor Trainer

PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainer

PADI Sidemount & Tec Sidemount Instructor Trainer

PADI Distictive Specialty Courses

PADI Instructors with suitable experience in topics of diving where PADI don't currently have a specialty course can write a teaching outline and submit to PADI for approval to teach a specialised course.

PADI Course Director Kevin Black has written a number of Distinctive Specialty Courses including: Twinset Fundamentals, Full Face Mask, Compressor operator and more.

Kevin is also in the process of writing more PADI Distinctive Specialty Instructor outlines at this time.

PADI Distinctive Specialty Instructor Outlines written by Kevin Black are available for purchase by suitable qualified Instructors.

Email for more information.

Kevin Black New Zealand

PADI Distinctive Specialty Courses

PADI Distinctive Specialty Courses taught by PADI Course Director Kevin Black include:

Aware Shark diver, Advanced Nitrox, SMB Diver, Oxygen First Aid, Hazardous Marine Life Injuries, Automated External Defibrillator, TEC Basics, Full Face Mask, Twinset Fundamentals.


Kevin Black London

DSAT Technical Diving

As a DSAT technical diving Instructor Trainer and having completed many chalanging dives in both cold and warm water PADI Course Director Kevin Black is the ideal instructor to challange you on a technical dive course.


Technical dive courses>>

Kevin Black Technical Diver

First Aid Training

With over 25 years experience in teaching First Aid you can be sure of quality in-depth training from Instructor Trainer Kevin Black.

DAN Instructor Trainer: 73083 (all DAN Courses)

EFR Instructor Trainer: 629827 (all EFR Courses)


Kevin Black Instructor Trainer

Kevin is also a keen sailor

RYA Commercial Powerboat Skipper

RYA Coastal Skipper

RYA Sea Survival

Ships Radio Operator

Kevin Black Sailing

Kevin Black Underwater Photographer

Kevin is a keen underwater photographer with photagraphs published in verious print publications in The Uk, Netherlands and New Zealand and has photos on several web sites.

Start your PADI e-Learning Underwater Photography course today online

Underwater Photography Courses in Phuket Thailand

The complete your training on some of the best dive sites in Phuket, Thailand.

See our facebook page for a few photos by Kevin.

Kevin Black Photography

Kevin Black - PADI Course Director - Contact Details

Phone: +66 801 451 603




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